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About RiceBran Technologies

Rice Bran —The New Bran on the Block


RiceBran Technologies focuses on the processing and distribution of stabilized rice bran and other proprietary, rice bran-based ingredients and formulations. Rice bran, including the germ, is the outer layer of the brown rice kernel after the husk has been removed. Until recently, the bran and germ were an underutilized by-product of the commercial, rice-milling industry.

In the early 1990's, a determined group of innovators developed the technology to process rice bran while maintaining the highest nutritional value. At the core of RiceBran Technologies is the dedication its employees and strategic partners share in the value of rice bran and the unlimited possibilities it brings as a food and nutraceuticals ingredient.

Today, at RiceBran Technologies, our objective is to deliver nutritious SRB-based food ingredients and derivatives to a global marketplace, leading its utilization in food applications and nutraceuticals of all kinds.

RiceBran Technologies rice bran is already becoming one of the world's leading food ingredient for:

  • Food Manufacturers
  • Meat Inclusion
  • Rice Bran Oil
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Animal Nutrition

Explore our web site to learn more about the benefits of rice bran, its market applications, and the derivative products.

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