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RiceBran Technologies is liberating the nutritional power of rice bran from rice, one of the world's oldest and most common food sources. Established in 2000, RiceBran Technologies is a global leader in the acquisition, processing and refinement of rice bran, rice bran oil and derivative products.

Our target markets include:

  • Food Manufacturers - As a food ingredient, rice bran and its derivatives are easy to integrate, tastes light and slightly toasted, and offers an excellent texture. As an alternative to wheat, corn or oat bran, rice bran is free of major food allergens, gluten free, GMO free and trans fat free.
  • Meat Inclusion - RiceBran Technologies all-natural RiBran is an excellent meat enhancer that delivers significant cost savings and improves performance by increasing product yield and decreasing purge.
  • Rice Bran Oil- Rice bran oil has unique characteristics that allow superior performance in a variety of demanding applications.
  • Animal Nutrition - RiceBran Technologies has a very successful track record in high-end feed for equine athletes. We are leveraging that success for high-end pet food.
  • Nutraceuticals - The nutritional value of rice bran makes for a great base upon which to build nutrition-based products. RiceBran Technologies currently offers two canister products available for retail sale.

Investor Relations Contact:

Ascendant Partners, LLC

Richard Galterio
Tel: (732) 410-9810
eMail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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