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Rice Bran Articles

Fiber: The Natural Need For Much More

There is a growing awareness of the role of fibers in gut health, including healthy digestion. Particularly in developed countries, disorders of the digestive system are a significant public health issue.

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Plant Protein Vision Promo by Henk Hoogenkamp

In a world with rapidly increasing populations and a growing number of people moving up the food chain consuming grain-intensive animal proteins such as meat and dairy, changes are for real that a major disruption in food supplies is looming. Even now, some areas of the world can be seen as a “food bubble” which is the result of using unsustainable agricultural methods like over-pumping of groundwater in order to keep farming yields to unrealistic inflated high levels.

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New Book by Renowned Author Henk Hoogenkamp

In his groundbreaking book Rice Protein & Beyond, Henk Hoogenkamp world renowned protein expert, and author explores the areas of emerging plant protein solutions which will shape the future of formulated foods. Henk takes us into a new dimension of combined food protein strategies that he believes will drive health, affordability and sustainability issues in the years to come.

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