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Rice Kernel

The science of rice bran is at the core of our product knowledge and applications in food, animal nutrition, nutraceuticals and humanitarian aid. RiceBran Technologies is committed to delivering the nutritional benefits of rice bran throughout the world.

Nature designed the rice bran and germ, but RiceBran Technologies developed the process and equipment to stabilize and preserve the nutrients at their highest level. Rice has been a traditional food source for virtually all cultures across every continent for thousands of years. Stabilized rice bran (SRB) is an emerging food ingredient that offers exceptional possibilities across the food spectrum.

RiceBran Technologies’ unique proprietary process stabilizes the rice bran and germ at the point of milling, creating a functional ingredient that adds nutritional value to a variety of finished food products.

Rice is grown globally, but the bran and germ the most nutritious and versatile part of the rice kernel traditionally has been underutilized as a food source. Today, RiceBran Technologies possesses the science and technology to stabilize the rice bran and germ at the point of milling to produce an ingredient that adds functional value to a variety of finished products.

Rice Bran Story

Rice bran and germ, the most nutritious and versatile components of the rice kernel, traditionally are underutilized as a food source.

Rice Bran


RiceBran Technologies stabilization process retains the powerful array of vitamins, minerals, phytosterols and antioxidants which make RiceBran Technologies Rice Bran the essential food ingredient and nutritional additive.

Producing a fully functional line of food ingredients with a guaranteed one-year shelf life* that is unsurpassed in quality, nutritional integrity and price stability.

RiceBran Technologies products are consistent, extremely stable, neutral in flavor and easy to incorporate into your formulations.

Once considered too perishable and unable to be processed for human consumption, RiceBran Technologies scientifically stabilized rice bran is poised to become one of the world's leading and truly affordable combatants of malnutrition, and a universally available, all-natural ingredient for better health.


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