Why Rice Bran?

Rice bran is easy to integrate, has neutral flavor and is an alternative to bran from other cereal grains. Along with protein, rice bran provides essential fatty acids, B-Vitamins, Vitamin-E, natural sugars, carbohydrates and dietary fiber.

Benefits of Rice Bran
  • B-Vitamins
  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • Micro/Macro Nutrients
Reduce Oil Uptake
  • Moisture Retention
  • Mouth Feel
  • Processing Aid
Contributes Dietary Fiber
  • Insoluble Fiber
  • Soluble Fiber
Features of Rice Bran
Minimally Processed
  • Non-GMO Brown Rice
  • Contributes Zero Trans Fat
  • Nutritious
  • Contributes no Major Allergens
  • Alternative to Other Cereal Crops
  • Neutral Flavor Contribution
Cost Effective
  • Moisture Control
  • Cost Savings
Applications of Rice Bran
All Natural Tortillas
  • Contributes to a Higher Fiber Claim
  • Contributes Zero Trans Fat
  • Can Extend Shelf Life
Gluten–Free Pasta
  • Contributes No Major Allergens
  • Contributes a Low Glycemic Index
  • Gluten-Free
Pizza Crust
  • Nutrient & Antioxidant Rich
  • Moisture Retention
  • Cost Savings