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We offer the ideal ingredients for making great tasting, nutritionally balanced foods and beverages.

Your Next Generation Food Ingredient

As consumers' dietary needs evolve, so should your ingredients. At RiceBran Technologies, we strive to produce the highest quality specialty ingredients available on the market. We manufacture a variety of derivative products from our stabilized rice bran to suit a wide variety of application needs. We are proud to offer our customers a sustainable and cost-effective solution to an ever-changing global food market.
All our products are certified Gluten-free, Halal, Kosher and are produced with sustainable,non-GMO ingredients from start to finish.
Where it all began. This versatile food ingredient is neutral in flavor, increases mouth feel and palatability, and is a good source of vitamins and vital amino acids. Whether considering for human or animal applications, this product is a natural source of dietary fiber, fatty acids and protein. Easily incorporated in a variety of granulations for specialized formulations and applications.

APPLICATIONS: Food (For further processing), Animal Feed Applications
Trusted by industry leaders as a healthy and cool energy source for companion animals,performance horses and livestock, this product has been shown to be a complete and nutritionally dense additive ingredient that is able to be utilized in a variety of applications. NutraCea® is a highly palatable form of additional calories and protein to assist in building and maintaining muscle and improving skin and coat condition. The natural fats found in our Stabilized Rice Bran contain vitamins and vital amino acids, as well as a natural source of dietary fiber. Can be easily incorporated in kibble, nugget or treat formulations.

APPLICATIONS: Animal Feed (Equine, Companion Animal, Livestock)
"A Formulator's Dream" and one of our most versatile products, this *RTE powder is a great-tasting source of vitamins & antioxidants, important factors of a complete diet. Naturally sweet, this product lends a light flavor profile and enhanced mouth feel for a variety of applications as well as increased binding activity and is great for use in Gluten free applications.

APPLICATIONS: Powdered ready-to-drink beverages, dietary supplement processing aids, emulsifier,carrier, icings, gelato, yogurt, complete amino acid profile and antioxidant source. Replaces gums, lecithin, silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate.
A nutritionally potent RTE ingredient and USDA approved for use in meat and poultry applications. A great source of natural fiber, proteins and essential fatty and amino acids. Utilize to increase water-holding capacity, cook yield and improved emulsification.

APPLICATIONS: Sports nutrition powders, bars, snacks and Gluten-free baking, dietary supplement direct compressed tablets, excipients and anti-caking properties, replacement for cellulose and silica.
Proryza® Gold
An ecologically sustainable plant-based protein and dietary fiber RTE ingredient. Great for use as functional and nutritious base ingredient to add texture, adhesion properties and a neutral flavor profile.
*Ready-to-eat food (RTE) means any food that is normally eaten in its raw state or any other food, including a processed food, for which it is reasonably foreseeable that the food will be eaten without further processing that would significantly minimize biological hazards. - CFR - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21